We Know The Territory.

Robinson Hungate, PC, formerly known as Robinson Tweedy, PC, was born of a partnership between John Tweedy and Ken Robinson. Ken has practiced law in Boulder for over 30 years, and he partnered with John in 2005 to provide high quality legal services in focused areas of practice typically not available in a smaller firm.

Meghan Hungate joined them in 2008, and the firm reformed to what it is today in January 2015. Robinson Hungate continues the abiding philosophy established by Ken and John many years ago: to practice law in a landscape of respect, integrity, and collegiality; and to serve our clients’ unique needs and goals with practical and cost-effective solutions. This approach to the profession gives us pride in our work, and we strive to honor in the trust placed in us by our valued clients.

Our attorneys counsel clients in the areas of construction law, employment law, business litigation, construction contracts, mechanic’s liens, real estate disputes, property boundaries, land access, and collections law. Please feel free to contact our firm to discuss how we may help you.

(To contact John Tweedy at his new firm, go to www.tweedy-law.com)