Business Litigation

Von Clauswicz famously wrote that “War is the extension of politics by other means.”  In today’s world, litigation is often the extension of business “by other means.” Our attorneys know that business litigation should be conducted with an eye towards its ability to earn profits, or mitigate losses, at the end of the day.   We work with our clients to make sure that their litigation strategy fits within the context of their business plan.

Business litigation frequently involves a complex interplay among basic contract law, the Uniform Commercial Code, and other areas such as corporation and LLC law, employment, intellectual property, or construction. We have experience in litigating commercial cases for businesses as diverse as beverage distribution disputes, breaches of confidentiality and non-competition agreements, alleged theft of trade secrets, breaches of oil and gas production agreements, and antitrust claims.  Our attorneys have the flexibility, the breadth of knowledge and the horsepower to handle commercial litigation of all types.