Representative Matters

Enforcement of $1.6 million judgment lien by, among other methods, marshaling debtor’s real properties and homestead through levy and execution (Sheriff’s sales).

Successful defense of commercial litigation action brought against company and owner clients involving an international distributor agreement in which plaintiff’s claims exceeded $10,000,000 in both arbitration and district court.

Representation of several Colorado employers through state and federal departments of labor investigations and hearings involving alleged employee misclassification and wage and hour issues.

Counsel to one of 50 fastest growing woman-owned companies globally on employer best practices and compliance with labor and employment law for its 15,000+ employees.

Assistance to oil and gas well-site supervision and consulting company (and its principals) in overcoming a state agency’s determination of successor liability and its associated insurance rate consequences.

Settlement of numerous personal injury cases including several for policy limits; obtained $180,000 for passenger client injured in private aircraft incident.

Successful representation of individuals through EEOC and CCRD Probable Cause findings in cases involving employer retaliation or discrimination based on gender, sexual harassment, age, religion, race, and national origin.

Negotiation of various severance or separation agreements for employees and employers, where appropriate.

Advise individual and entity clients concerning the enforceability of provisions in non-competition agreements, non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements, and employment policies.

Advocacy for family law clients, including those in high-conflict relationships, in actions for the allocation of parental rights or dissolution of marriage.

Assist secured creditor clients perfect and foreclose on their security interests in collateral.

Assistance to victims of sexual harassment and hostile work environment in having the DOJ and the Colorado Civil Rights Commission accept their cases for co-prosecution.

Successful defense of a medical doctor client from an overzealous medical practice’s attempts to enforce a non-competition agreement and attendant liquidated damages forfeiture clause.

Negotiation of favorable severance terms for an executive-level creative professional separated from an international company located in Colorado.

Successful defense of client against a party asserting theories of common law marriage, fraud, and other civil claims.

Obtained verdict for individual in wage claim litigation for $30,000+ in back pay, interest, and penalties.

Arbitration of dispute involving fraud, statutory civil theft, and civil conspiracy involving disputed sale of business assets including a franchise license; enforced $536,000 judgment by setting aside fraudulent conveyances.

Assistance to multistate employer in the prompt resolution of multiparty employment tort claims including fraudulent concealment and fraudulent inducement into employment.